create jaw dropping social media content in minutes
Every business knows of the importance of social media content when it comes to attracting and engaging customers.

Visibility through social media is the first step, but the type of content you create is the second, and most important step, in combination of consistency.

As with everything, it’s not just about quantity, but it’s also, and above all, about quality

If you have social media content that doesn’t evoke an emotion and/or create a connection it isn’t going to do you much good.  If it isn’t powerful enough to differentiate your business from your competitors, that’s also not going to do you any favors or give you any advantage.  

What type of content gives visibility?

Although you want to always vary the type of social media content you share, which ranges from articles to pictures to videos, there’s one type of content that will always perform better and that will make a difference in your social media content’s ability to be compelling and lead to action.

People are people, and in this case, consumers follow the psychological tendencies of people.  Marketers talk about it all the time; and year after year studies share information to assist businesses with the knowledge they need to improve the creation of their social media content in a way that will have a positive impact on their brand and increase engagement of clients (as well as closing clients).  

One of these recurring statistics points us to what type of social media content will be most successful over time. This type of content is online video. 

Videos are powerful because psychologically speaking they generate far more emotional cues than a single photo can, and they have the ability to tell an extensive story, which appeals to a wider range of senses.

More and more consumers want to see video content from businesses they support.  Almost every person who uses the internet spends more time on websites that have video; not to mention the higher conversion of qualified leads marketers have found they obtain when using video marketing content.

This means that creating compelling social media content just got simpler, create videos.

Of course, this doesn’t mean just any video. If you’re going to evoke positive emotions and connect your brand with customers in an emotionally impactful, the video creation process is what you’re already thinking about, so the pictures (at the very least).

This means you need pictures and a video producer since marketing videos won’t just create themselves. The challenge for businesses to create marketing videos is not having a video producer or an endless library of photos to choose from and use, and sometimes the video skills required to create your own video is also an issue. 

How to create jaw dropping social media content in minutes

Traditionally speaking, creating content is one of the most time-consuming tasks for Agencies or Business owners.

The beauty of Visuo is that it solves all these problems for you, giving you the option to create videos online, in minutes, from one place.  

In less time than it takes you to come up with a tweet, our Virtual Video Producer will create a marketing video for you in minutes so it’s ready to be posted on your social media accounts in no time.

With a library of over 800,000 videos, our AI knows what clips will suit your business the best, and if you don’t like a particular clip, you can just swap it out for another.

Gone are the days of spending hours creating content and spending thousands of dollars in the process.

With Visuo, you can create whenever you want at a price point that’s accessible for any Agency.

We can’t wait to hear about your experience using Visuo and the success your business generates from you being able to create your marketing videos for your clients every single day.

Our #NoSkillsRequired principle ensures you can start creating right after you sign up. 

Come see the magic for yourself 

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