Here at Visuo, we’ve been working remotely long before Covid-19 decided to rear its ugly head into all our 2020 plans.
You might be working from home as your read this blog post. There are a lot of perks from turning your lounge room into your office: sweats all day long, wake up 5 minutes before that Zoom meeting and no communing to work but we cannot forget that we are human and naturally desire contact with other humans.
Missing your work wife? Office banter? Solving work problems together in the same room? You aren’t alone! So how can you keep the company culture alive when you’re working remotely?

Be Honest

It’s normal to express how you’re feeling to your colleagues but when you aren’t together, it might feel more intimidating. Now more than ever we need to be checking in with one another so don’t be afraid to speak out and lean on your work colleagues for support.

Create Healthy Habits

Set your team healthy and active goals to promote mental wellbeing. Perhaps for the month of October you collectively have to reach 100km walking or riding. Enforce and encourage multiple breaks throughout the day (outside if possible). 

How to maintain the company culture while working remotely?

Do something NOT work related

Maybe your office used to head down the road for local trivia nights or partake it in team building exercises a couple of times a year. Make an effort to organise a virtual trivia (even sign up for a venue is hosting online) or attend an online comedy show.

Stick to routine​

In a world of chaos, routine is king to feel grounded. Set up a meeting and go through your company values and ensure everyone is working for the same goal. Make note to adjust your rules. Getting the right amount of freedom and responsibility when WFH, is hard. Setting some new guidelines to follow will help everyone at the company.

Be open to change​

Things will look a little different for a while (hopefully not too long!) But keeping an open mind for your new work life is key to staying positive through a pandemic. Your agency might be thriving through Covid-19 due to many businesses realising just how important having an online presence is in 2020.

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