With YouTube and Facebook being two of the social media platforms with the highest number of users; all businesses use one or the other, or both; to grow brand awareness, to reach and engage with followers, and to grow their business.

In fact, with these platforms converting potential customers (of which some start out as followers) to clients; is why increasing followers is important.

Once  you get in front of them through the content you post, you have to be compelling in such a way to entice them to click subscribe or follow and return, as well as spread the word about your business.

To keep followers coming back and becoming advocates/fans of your brand, you have to keep giving them reasons why.  

This connection involves: trust, engagement, interest, and everything that gets you to go back to the brands you follow with great passion and excitement.

But all of this isn’t useful unless you actually learn HOW to achieve the steps above.

To break it down: Naturally speaking you follow brands for the same reasons people will follow yours. You connect with it. And that should be the mindset to everything you post online. Does it inspire your customers? Encourage them to purchase? Do they learn something?

This is why it is so important to incorporate the power video in your social media strategy.  It’s one of the easiest way to connecting with your customers. (Read more in Create Jaw Dropping Social Media Content in Minutes) . So learning how to master video marketing is essential to encompass the characteristics needed to double followers and keep them growing.  

Video ads help you to grow followers as well, but not everyone wants to run ads; and it’s not so much the ads that make the difference as much as it is the actual online video content you create and share online. 

The quality of the online videos you create is what makes the difference; whether distributing them to your YouTube channel and Facebook page organically or with the help of ads.

In recognizing the need for consistent creation of video content online AND quality of that content, you know you’ll need to distribute videos on a daily basis, if you’re going to have any hopes of doubling your followers.  

You also know that you need to differentiate yourself through the videos you post online, if you’re going to beat competitors, stand out, and keep engaging followers.

The more you can stand out and change up the online video content you create, the more you stay interesting, engaging, and keep followers spreading the word about your YouTube channel and Facebook page to their friends and family (this means organic growth, and with YouTube and Facebook video ads you also add that extra boost in visibility needed to get in front of even more of the right eyes).  

Checklist to doubling your followers with your YouTube and Facebook videos involves you:

  1. Creating video marketing videos regularly.
  2. Make sure they are compelling, engaging, and inspiring.
  3. Differentiating yourself from competitors with the Facebook and YouTube videos you create. 
  4. Having your YouTube and Facebook videos create a ‘wow’ effect that reflects your brand’s mission and connects with followers in a way that builds trust, passion, and interest.
  5. The cycle repeats and the best part is that thanks to paying attention to your followers’ response to the marketing videos you create and share, you’ll know how to keep the quality up with your YouTube and Facebook videos.

The biggest hurdle that businesses face in what they need to grow followers through YouTube and Facebook videos is the video creation process itself.  

Traditionally – it’s time consuming and so expensive.

To create YouTube and Facebook videos that stand out you are going to need: 
    • A video production budget
    • Outsourcing a production team
    • Time to design story boards and a script
    • Someone to edit the video (add music, grading, audio)

Visuo gives you the chance to do all of this in a fraction of the time, cost and effort.

The best part?

Our Virtual Video Producer creates the compelling content that differentiates you from your competitors, you’ll notice the positive impact it has for your YouTube channel and Facebook page followers growth, and also your branding efforts.  

You also rejoice in just how easy it is to create online videos in the quantity that you need daily without having to break a sweat to find pictures or manually compose your own video, which is what happens when you don’t have an easy video maker online to make use of at any time.

Let us know about your success stories using Visuo to create your YouTube and Facebook videos.

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